2014/15 All live life 24.12.2014

Marry Christmas and a Happy new year 2015!

HonigFranz All live life 15.03.2014

My mom grew up at a farm in eastern Austira. My Granny always sent her goods from the area. Amongst other things we got a consistent supply of honey. Its the best honey. When we were kids it was the only honey we ate. And because it is better than all the other honey’s its taste is for me the very meaning of the word honey. The guy who produces the honey is called Honig Franz (Honey Franz). I never met him. Some weeks before Christmas i visited my granny. At the end of the visit i asked her if she happens to have a glass of honey too much which she could maybe spare because my last one just emptied itself somehow.

She than told me that she had none and that she will never get anymore of this honey. Last spring Honig Franz’s Bees got a disease. He couldn’t do anything else than burning all the beehives which he had been caring for over 30 years. Burning his own bees made him so sad that he decided never to have bees again.
I was very touched by Honig Franz’s fate so I painted a Bee picture and sent it to him with a letter expressing my sympathy.
The beautiful thing about the story is that our view of the world is shaped and maintained by the life around us. In this case by one man and a lot of bees. I learned this by losing the taste of honey.

Nofootage@mutter All live life 02.12.2012

Thanks to Gerald and his awesome camera phone there’s a video of of last weeks NoFootage live video performance at Cafe Leopold’s s:f regular! The evening was hosted by MUTTER. A new club specializing in good House and Techno strictly played from vinyl only.
The video is featuring the main part of my new ‘DE ZENTRALE NETZ WERKE’ set and some spontaneous beamer setup fun. The outro is made up ofclips I recorded during the very first NoFootage gig back in 2006. Some good old can and cam ruff stuff action. Funny to see how things develop…
Watch out for the next NoFootage show!

muehlenklang All live life 15.09.2012

I would like to share a little excerpt of an evening we recently did in Salzburg. Paul spontaneously got the chance to get an empty silo space in an old mill for one evening. Within 10 days we organized everything necessary and the ‘MÜHLENKLANG’ Festival 2012 was born. We were very surprised by the more than 100 people who showed up! Thanks for coming! Also thanks to MOSH for lending his camera and thanks to PRCLS for mastering the sound of the camera mic so one can at least gasp how the sound was there!

ViennaVjContest All live life 04.06.2012

I had the pleasure to do organise the first Vienna Vj Contest together with sound:frame and mediaOpera. My main tasks were the contest design and project management. During the 3 different rounds ImproSet, sovaldi sale VjvsDJ and MainSet 6 VJ teams had the chance to show their skills. At the end the audience voted their favourites. The contestants were emiko (PL), tsetse (A), emedemac (ES), Neonrost (A), DeepField (D), and Hand mit Auge (A) who got the most votes. Despite the cold weather a lot of people showed up. Thanks to everyone involved in the project!

sound:frame@MAK All live life 16.05.2012

Its been a month now since we rocked sound:frame Festivals MAK night. BOILER ROOM streamed a Session featuring sofie, Ella, 7 Citizens, Zanshin, Anna Leiser, Sixtus Preiss, minor sick, Cid Rim and The Clonious directly out of MAK (Viennas museum of applied arts). Despite this not being the latest news I wanted to share two documentation videos made by Robert Hack and students of the FH St.Pölten. They are just done really well and deserve some attention! Thanks for making these guys!
(also I am featured in both :P ) hehehe

p.s. Don’t Miss the Vienna VJ Contest Tonight!