stripper2.0 All W.I.P. 25.09.2012

Stripper2.0 Is a collaborative project between Woei and LWZ. What started with a visuals project ended up being a Collaborative Multioutput VJ-Application. Challanged with an ultra broad projection setting we came up with a software and animation system that allows multiple vjs to play together while generating one output with multiple beamers. Basically that means collaborative plug and play panorama playing. Currently stripper2.0 is still under development.

THANKS TO: sound:frame for inviting us to the festival, pilule MAK(museum of applied sience vienna) for hosting the evening, remedy boilerroom for global distribution, prostate FH St.Pölten and s:f for additional doku material, all the acts who played and especially Cid Rim for the use of his music.

Workshop klosterneuburg All W.I.P. 26.04.2012

I recently did a workshop with the class 4D of BG/BRG Klosterneuburg. Finally I found the time to finish the documentation video.
To work with the young adults was really nice! I stunnedly whitnessed their level of impulsive creativity. There really is a difference to most persons of higher age. I guess the whole story about staying young at heat might have something to it after all. ;)

Photos Karin Binder

Captain metal All W.I.P. 15.04.2012

Finally Captain Metal is released! The german band Die Ärzte comissioned an animation video for each somg of their new album Auch. The video for captain metal was our contribution and the reason why it got kind of quiet around here lateley. Starting with a ruff concept, cialis which we followed quite ruffly, cialis sale Steff, Wagi and I spent some considerable working time in the LWZ untill the animation was finished. Needless to say that we are very happy that it is finally online!
Watch! enjoy! And check out the other videos here.

WM5 – 1050 Hoodshirt All W.I.P. 24.10.2011

My affection for depicting letters with hand gestures in a street credible manner soon resultet in a non verbal description of where I live. That is Viennas 5th district called Margareten.
In summer a friend (and neighbour) told me that if I’d make a WM5 shirt she would buy it. Well here it is! It took some time but finally every 5th district resident and sympathizer has the chance to buy one.
Of course we did beta testing. See the attached photo series!
Enjoy and buy in the newly added SHOP
(! Oct. 29-30 free shipping with voucher code WITCHINGHOUR)

Photos Woeishi Lean Models Paul Schweinester, mrt

11 seconds All W.I.P. 31.05.2011

UPDATE: I finished the animation. You can vote for this and (of course) all the other clips over at 11 Seconds! It was geat to participate. I will definitely do it again. Can’t wait to see al the other entries!

I’m currently doing an animation for the 11 Seconds competition. Its Work in Progress so please feel free to leave constructive feedback in the comments! ([+] brings you there)
10 days – working time = left to animate (quite tight). The video will be updated untill the animation is final.

S:F 2010 Edit All W.I.P. 09.05.2011

Just made an edit of my life performance at the Sound:frame Festival 2010 for the disegno (dal) vivo festival in Viareggio end of May.
Its a 2 hour set ultra compressed into one minute. So enjoy quickly!
Thanks to Channel-F for the Music and to Markus Harthum, cialis Maria Otter and Michael Seidl for filming!