figure drawing NY All sketch 10.04.2011

While in NY I did some Figure Drawing at different venues. If you ever get the chance attend a sketch night at The Society Of Illustrators or visit a Dr.Sketchy’s Anti-Art School session! Very much liked : P

Ivan Örkény All visit 29.03.2011

Ivan Örkény is an artist who largely uses different animation techniques in his pieces. I had the pleasure to visit him in his Studio in Dumbo.

Ivan did his first film and video projects in the late 90ies. During his undergraduate he got in contact with Hep Tivey who became his mentor and introduced him to 3D animation. After some animation pieces he did his post graduate as digital artist at Columbia. Ever since then he worked with different galleries in Europe and America. Between 03and 08 he collaborated with Alexander White.

Ivan describes his work as very layerd and quite dark.
It’s driven by visual referrs which come out of a lot of research. Characters and environments are formed and a loose script is developed. Lot of snippets and elements are molded into the final piece which consists of festival edits, prints, sculptures and animations.

The conceptual interest of Ivan’s current, yet unpublished, work are staircases. Within that leitmotif he is researching various aspects and exploring different venues. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the unfinalized version of a 10 minute handdrawn animation as well as the work in progress of a 3D Festival edit. The piece will be finished soon. Go for it if you get the chance!
His next larger piece is in the research phase and will deal with the topic of Tschernobyl.

We had a very interesting chat about the differences between animation in the commercial field and animation in an art context. In the commercial field the production is a very tight process driven by a predefined outcome. In an art context animation is much more process oriented. There is no predefinition of output. Events during the production can lead to a totally different output, which can be modular instead of a single sequence.

The perception of animation in the art context is specific. Pieces end up in a domestic environment. It should have a permanent presence and viewers should be able to come into it at any time. That poses a conceptual challenge which is asking for a new approach in editing, narration and presentation. Ivan copes with that by mixing animation and sculpture.

Here are links to Ivan’s OLD COLLABORATION and his NEW WORK!

Anna maria jung All visit 19.03.2011

the yet unreleased “International give Cthulu a cookie day” shirt design

Anna Marias absolute love and enthusiasm for Comics and Animation was motivating me to do my very first animated film as qualifying examination for the FHS back in 2004.

Anyway its 2011 and I’m happy to be guest at Anna Maria’s Brooklyn based illustration studio. She’s currently reaching the finish line of her post graduate illustration master at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Her capstone project will be a Jung-style children book. (parents you dont wanna miss this!)

Besides studying illustration she works as freelance illustrator. Her regulars involve a weekly editorial illustration for the G7 newspaper from Graz and the infamous Jung shirts. About a year ago Anna Maria started designing T-shirts. Half a year and a lot of effort later things started to take off. 12 out of about 100 submitted designs made it into being printed. Releases appeared at sites like Woot, Threadless, J!nx, Designbyhumans, Teefury, Threadshirt and of course in her very own Spreadshirt shop where fans might find rare goodies.

If you’re into nerdy pop-culture shirts somewhere between squirrels, ninjas, Cthulu, Godzilla and the army of darkness you should definitely check out the jung-shirts Page! For further information on Anna Maria visit jung-comics.   (…)

cartes de visite All live life 16.03.2011

While in New York i decided to make a limited edition of hand made buisness cards.
The individual cards are numbered and ready to be given out to the first 88 lucky people who wanna stay in touch!
Thanks to Laleh Khorramian for letting me use her studio : D

LAB WORK ZAGREB All live life 12.03.2011

The Lab Work Zagreb Workshop happened at the Velesejam Kulture 7 Festival 20.-23.01.2011 in Zagreb. People interested in live visuals and animation were invited to participate in creating a mixed media group-project. The aim was to collectively create a cluster of mixedmedia animated clips which can be livemixed into various visual appereances. The output was shown at a final presentation/party.

Studentski Centar u Zagrebu
Markus Wagner, capsule Martin Lorenz

Ana Franji? Ana Šafar Andreja Rambrot Branka Valjin Dario Krmpoti? Iva ?urkovi? Jasmina Bator Josip Jelaska Lea Ov?ari? Maja Kova? Marija An?i? Milan Stani? Nera Šegvi? Paula Pavi?i? Petra Petra? Sanja Djakovi? Tanja Topolovec Tomislav Gamberožic Vana Ga?ina Vanja Varga

Hvala Lijepa
Ivana Bio?ina Silvija Stipanov Josip Š?urec and Nina Štefica Bartolin Nika Gorenec Karla Pudar Brada & the Technic Guys Tomislav Luetic Adriana Snajder Lada and her Mom Nives Sertic Ivan Ladislav Galetta Stefan Salcher Peter Mayer Tobias Schererbauer Eva Fischer & the S:F Team Velesajam Kulture 7 Klubvizija SC Studentski Centar u Zagrebu Sound:frame AV Label The &TD Barkeeper Stipan Tadic Zlatan Pintek “Dragiza” The guy who drove us to the train in the morning

Hasil Atkins – She Said, Jean Jaques Perrey – Mary France

Raubkopieman & Heroman All live life 13.11.2010

Recently our old friends Raubkopieman & Heroman visited town for Poison Ivy’s birthday party. According to rumors a secret meeting with some LWZ’s was held later that evening. Some high profile stuff!  (…)